Image Splitter Printing Tip

Although Image Splitter split your photo accurately, printing is still a challenge because every printer has its own way of printing and truncates edges and slightly tweak the output.
=> Image Splitter and this tip help you overcome the drawback.

  • Use Overlap with Guideline feature.
  • Print in Full Page with Borderless option without ‘Fit picture to frame’
  • Print the exact paper matching the paper size.

When you try to put photos together you may notice that your printer truncates every side of the photo little bit. This will vary to each printer. This drawback exists for most of printers because Printer app is built for single photo print without considering putting photos together.

Because Image Splitter splits to multiple photos to put together, it is built to overcome the printer drawback and ‘Overlap’ feature plays an important role here.

Use both Horizontal and Vertical Overlap. If your printer truncates 1/8 inch (3-4 mm), at least 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch overlap works.
When you save, do NOT use the ‘Draw overlap guideline’ or select “(Partial)” Line Style.

  1. Paper size must match with your configuration used in Image Splitter.
  2. You don’t need “Fit picture to frame” because the splitted photo size matches the paper. This feature might tweak your photo if used. Also, the printer still truncates all sides of the photo slightly even though it’s checked.
  3. Use ‘Full Page Photo’ print option because Image Splitter splits the photo for ‘Full Page Photo’ (Borderless option.)
    Please make sure your print supports this option before using Image Splitter although the most photo printers support this option.

Before printing, check print preview.

Print all split photos.

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