Report a Bug – Bulk Photo Editor

Sorry to hear you encounter a bug! We try to be PERFECT, but it seems we failed..
Please write comment describing the issue as detail as possible for us duplicate the issue and fix asap. The step by step description helps most.

Thank you for your contribution and patience!

7 thoughts on “Report a Bug – Bulk Photo Editor

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    1. Hello, Sorry to hear that. There is known issue that is caused by Windows 10 limitation.
      On your case, I guess, it’s caused by memory limitation, if there is no issue with one or two photos.
      Please try few photos to keep memory small with limited options first and avoid big size photo such as panorama. It’s better specify what cause the issue with various combination and try to avoid it. Or work on powerful PC with lots of memory which gives little more room.

      Here is detail information about the issue and solution:

      I hope this helps.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. If it’s deleted, please check ‘Recycle Bin’. it should be there. If it’s not please check other folders you might miss.
      Application put several steps to prevent any file loss by giving warnings. However, it could happen if the warnings are override.
      I really don’t want any file loss even by accident. Sorry for the loss if happened. I’ll put more effort to prevent that to happen.
      Thank you, and sorry.


  1. Hi, i would love to treat you if you can add a preset watermark location relative to a location after image resize function number 2 “create a photo of specific size by fitting the resized photo with the original ratio”. Thanks for the great work 🙂


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