Why this does not work & annoying? The known issues for Bulk Photo Editor

Apply keeps failing on specific photo(s)

Here are some of the reasons causing this issue:

  • The photo file size is very big while you are using a computer with low memory capacity. Certain photo with high resolution or Panorama feature, it becomes big file in file size or dimension. Sometimes it only fails when you use “Tile” watermark because it takes lots of resource to draw tile for the big photo.
    App needs lots of memory to process the file if you keep the original photo size.The possible solutions are
    => Use “Resize” option along with Watermark limiting the memory usage and photo size output.
    2018-12-27 11_19_37-Window
  • There is a photo with the same name in Target folder and it is opened by another application already. This prevents this app from saving the output.The possible solutions are
    => Close the application holding the file (and restart Bulk Photo Editor as well), then try it again.If this does not work, you might not find the right application holding it or Windows cannot release the file due to various issue. You better restart Windows and try it again.

App Crashes without any Warning

Sometimes app crashes while using. Here is why:

  • Windows 10 system terminates a running app if there is no resources to keep your app in memory. In this case, there is no way for an app to handle.
    This happens mostly in mobile phone or a device with restricted memory usage when you configure watermark or apply to a large size photo or use “Tile” position option.
    => If this happens, try to use “Resize” option together targeting smaller size. It might work other options except “Tile” which requires more memory.

    If it keeps happening any circumstance, it means this app is not compatible with your device or device configuration is not proper for this app. Please stop use it.

Annoying features

Here are some annoying features that I even bothered.

  • Why the app does not save the Source folder and Target folders, and selected image? And the previous location of file or folder selector?=> Each time when you restart app, it saves the previous configurations except those files and folder related settings. This is due to the file system security by Microsoft Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application. Windows does not allow it for security and we cannot save those in settings.
  • Why does the annoying watermark “Powered by Bulk Photo Editor from SkyOnTheWay.com” appear?=> If you click “Remove Ads ” 2018-12-27 11_12_31-Window menu and contribute by treating a developer to any of the options, the watermark goes away along with the ad.
    We really appreciate your contribution. It helps greatly encourage us to enhance this app.

4 thoughts on “Why this does not work & annoying? The known issues for Bulk Photo Editor

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  1. I got a new one for you. Screen goes blank, then the computer restarts. This is after I tried to resize images. The desktop has 32 gigs of memory and 2 cpu’s so I don’t think it ran low on resources….


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I would feel bad if it happens to me. If it repeats the same issue with the same condition, we can identify if it’s the application issue and can improve it. Could you tell if it repeats? And does it crash with just few files as well? If you provide the further detail, it helps us improve it. Thank you!


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