Is The Mind Empty? – Robert Wolfe

2018-09-20 22_22_37-robert wolfe - Google SearchOne of my Gurus, Robert Wolfe sent me a letter in hand writing in pencil on 9/3/2018. I was so moved by his letter. The sage wrote his teaching for me in hand writing, which is ever the first time to me in various ways. The letter came along with other monthly teaching news letter. I couldn’t believe it’s original version in hand writing and smudged a letter to find out if it’s original or a xerox copy. It is a original hand writing copy. It brings out big personal gratitude to him.

I’m sharing his teaching with all here electronically.

Is the Mind Empty?

Self-realization is a matter of seeing all things to be(or, as) the Absolute.

What is the Absolute? The nondual teachings say that it is “without beginning or ending, infinite, and eternal.”

Buddhism uses a Sanskrit word sunyata (or shunyata) which translates as “emptiness.” In other words, the awakened point of view is that “all things are empty” — empty of abiding reality, as are the figures in your dreams (including yourself.)

When this is the sages point of view, he is said to have an “empty mind”: all things are recognized to be empty qualitatively. In other words, all things have “sameness”. For example, the qualities of “better” and “worse” are absent of meaning.

So, the empty mind is not expecting its conditions to be better, or worse than any other condition: whatever condition is perceived to be present is, by nature, empty; therefore, it does not matter what condition is present; it is all “the same” (i.e., empty of value or meaning.)


Robert Wolfe – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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