Bulk Photo Editor How To Guide

Bulk Photo Editor is best for

  • Edit few or hundreds of photos at once
  • Add watermark to my photos
  • Resize photos to fit dimension or file size restriction
  • Change file type for all photos.
  • Share right after editing

Quick Start

1. Install & Launch

Download form Microsoft app store.

2018-09-12 20_38_19-Photos

2018-12-31 11_21_39-Help.docx - Word

2. Configure Watermark with Preview

2018-12-31 10_09_30-Help.docx - Word

  • For further watermark & text refinement, it’s better to make your own image containing logo and text art and use the image only here.

2018-12-31 10_21_25-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 10_18_26-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 10_27_10-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 10_35_18-Help.docx - Word

  • Drag gives you quick solution when target photos are in similar size.

2018-12-31 10_42_11-Help.docx - Word

  • Use predefined for better result for the target photos in various sizes.
  • Use “Relative” option for margin in ratio to each target photo size
  • Use “In Pixel” option for fixed margin.

2018-12-31 11_06_39-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 11_10_24-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 10_51_07-Help.docx - Word

  • For the best outcome, it would be better create separate configuration for vertical or horizontal target photo groups.

3. Editing Options

Configure photo editing options: Resize, File Type and Quality.

2018-10-10 12_08_18-Help2.docx - Word2018-10-10 12_08_30-Help2.docx - Word

The above option works best when a web site request the specific size photos while keeping your image without cropping.

2018-10-10 12_08_39-Help2.docx - Word

2018-10-10 12_08_47-Help2.docx - Word

4. Select Source Folder and Target Folder

2018-10-10 12_08_57-Help2.docx - Word2018-10-10 12_09_08-Help2.docx - Word

If your system security allows, system creates the default folder “Source” and “Target” under “Pictures\Saved Pictures”.

5. Apply

You can try few photos first to check your configuration before applying to hundreds of them. It overwrites the previous results if you keep the target folder same.

2018-12-31 10_58_44-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 11_14_37-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 11_25_59-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 11_29_04-Help.docx - Word

2018-12-31 11_34_27-Help.docx - Word

6. View all photos applied

2018-10-10 12_10_15-Help2.docx - Word

7. Remove AD and Powered By Watermark

If you like this app, please contribute by purchasing the add-on from the page below in app. It will remove AD and the “Powered By..” watermark.
It’s easy and safe guarded by Microsoft.

2018-12-31 11_37_48-Help.docx - Word

8. We are looking forward your review.

Please remember that this app is NOT for single or few photo update. You can find way better options with other apps. However, this app saves your time when you want to apply the change to many photos at once.

Also, there are known issues that fails on certain photos and crashes in certain circumstance. This is NOT under app’s control. Please check “Why it keeps failing and does not work?” first.

2018-10-26 13_51_49-Help.docx - Word


What is Bulk Photo Editor?

Bulk Photo Editor allows you to edit one, several or hundreds of photos at once: put watermark/signature, change photo size (keep ratio, ignore ratio, crop, forcing specific size or not, etc), optimize file size with quality change, photo format change, etc.

When I started blogging by uploading photos, I liked to put simple signature at the top bottom edge with consistent margin for each photo with resizing and quality optimization for web. It’s easy for few photos, but it’s very time consuming job for hundreds of photos. If I find a typo or change mind of little thing, it’s really pain. I tried Photoshop script and other bulk photo editors online/offline, but could not find good one to fit the need exactly. Fancy ones are expensive but lacking the exact positioning what I need.

So, I decided to build one myself because I’m a software developer and had little time to do.

Here is ‘Bulk Photo Editor’. You specify what you need for each photo, and select specific photos or all photos in the source folder, then click ‘Apply’ button. It edits all photos and saves to the target folder. If you change your mind and ‘Bulk Photo Editor’ does all the jobs for you with one click each time for all those photos again and again until you are satisfied.

Features History

Here are the list of features has been added over time: the list of features added.

Here are . Please suggest new features you want by leaving a comment in the post.


There is no app with bug free. Even God makes lots of bugs, look at human 🙂 – You know it’s a joke.
Fixing a bug is always easier than finding a bug. Lots of, lots of bugs are fixed before a release. However, there is always blind spot. Please help us fix the bug you find.
Simple put comment on this post with detail information of the bug: Report a Bug

Please enjoy the app.

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    1. Yes, new update allows you to use image. In Signature tab, check “Image checkbox” and click the image browse button on the right side. You choose your logo image and it appears in preview.

      I hope this helps.


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