Bulk Photo Editor Eywa How To Guide

Bulk Photo Editor Intro

Bulk Photo Editor is best for

  • Edit few or hundreds of photos at once
  • Add watermark to my photos
  • Resize photos to fit dimension or file size restriction
  • Change file type for all photos.
  • Share right after editing

Quick Start

0. Install & Launch

Download form Microsoft app store. Bulk Photo Editor is a Microsoft Windows App managed by MS App Store. 

2018-09-12 20_38_19-Photos

1. Configure Watermark

– Set Content
  • For further watermark & text refinement, it’s better to make your own image containing logo and text art and use the image only here.
– Change Background
– Adjust Watermark size and rotation
  • Drag gives you quick solution when target photos are in similar size. Note that position is saved as a ratio to the preview photo size and the watermark is positioned with the ratio to each photo’s size.
  • Use predefined for better result for the target photos in various sizes.
  • Use “Relative” option for margin in ratio to each target photo size
  • Use “In Pixel” option for fixed margin.
– Change Preview Photo and Quick Apply
  • For the best outcome, it would be better create separate configuration for vertical or horizontal target photo groups.

2. Configure Resize

Configure how photos are resized or cropped.

3. File Type & Quality

4. Select Photos to Apply

The photos selected will be saved and restored if you ‘Grant File Access’ to this app as follows: 

5. Apply

You can try a few photos first to check your configuration before applying to hundreds of them. You can apply various different configurations each time by turning on/off options.

6. Purchase License and remove “Powered By..” watermark

This app is not free. MS Store marks this app Free because you can download and try it free. However, the output photos are marked by “Powered by..” watermark until you purchase the license.

– License Page “Support to evolve”

– MS App Store popup window

This is Microsoft App Store page where you can login and purchase the license. This popup is MS Store App page and NOT controlled by this App. 

Features History

Here are the list of features has been added over time: the list of features added. Here are . Please suggest new features you want by leaving a comment in the post.


If you find a bug, please Report a Bug with detail for us to reproduce the bug and fix it.

Please enjoy the app.

3 thoughts on “Bulk Photo Editor Eywa How To Guide

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    1. Yes, new update allows you to use image. In Signature tab, check “Image checkbox” and click the image browse button on the right side. You choose your logo image and it appears in preview.

      I hope this helps.


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